Go Go Gaudi

Posted by Sarah Nehamen on

I just returned from a magical trip to Barcelona and am still buzzing from all of the beauty, history and visual stimulation. Barcelona is a truly unique mix of modern design and ancient architecture.

Now back in LA and sorting through hundreds of photos, I am reflecting on the site that struck me most, a mansion designed inside and out by the architect, Antoni Gaudi. It was the most awe inspiring building I have ever seen. Every room, wall, corner and crevice was a work of art in itself, full of wild color palettes, unconventional patterns and structures made entirely from curved lines rather than angles.

Before I turn this into a travel ad for Spain, I’ll simply say that Gaudi takes the concept of “thinking outside the box” to a whole new level by removing the idea of that symmetric 4 walled shape entirely. He built what made sense to him, with an almost childlike playfulness that turned heads all over the world.

As a creator of nursery decor, I appreciate Gaudi’s contribution now more than ever. One of my favorite things about designing new pieces is the fun of mixing colors and placing objects together in unusual combinations that may not make sense in real life.
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