DIY Nursery Art

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Nursery art, creative objects that infuse beauty into a baby’s room, comes in many forms, some beyond what we initially imagine. Aside from the zillions of things you can buy to fit this need, there are many you can make yourself, adding an extra special touch to your nursery decor while empowering you to flex your creative muscles. Here are some simple suggestions by noted experts that you can do right now whether you consider yourself an artist or not. InJoy!

1) Hanging faux flower balls by Project Nursery
I absolutely love these for several reasons. One, I am am a faux flower junkie. Yep, Miss au naturale loves to buy fake flowers. Two, they are vibrant, easy to maintain (require no maintenance) and hold their shape forever. I consider them more like a craft material that looks like a flower. Three, the price beets a handmade flower ball any day. I was just wandering around a craft market and found an uber expensive plastic looking flower-type ball that didn’t look nearly as nice as this one. For DIY nursery art, I say this one rocks.

2 ) Crayon Letter Art by Babydeco UK
I want to heart this many times, but pinterest only lets me heart it once. Being a color connoisseur, I just can’t get over how cute this is. I have a soft spot for colorful writing objects before they have been used so this one gets me in particular. Plus it’s easy to configure. You do not have to be an artist to create cute personalized art for a child in this way.

3) Painted Crib by Lullaby Paints

Painting a crib to the exact color of your liking is a great DIY project that will empower your creative abilities without getting to artsy. Lullaby paints offers this simple step by step approach that will give you the crib of your liking.
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